Example workflow

AB workflow

This workflow utilizes the full power of Pontoon’s online translation features. It assumes that at least two translators are available for the project; however, this workflow can be completed by a single translator in an AA workflow performing each phase or by multiple translators in an ABCn workflow repeating Phase 3.

Phase 1: translation

Translator A

  1. Log in to Pontoon.
  2. Browse to the project.
  3. Using filters select Untranslated to display only the strings currently missing a translation, marked as fuzzy or containing errors.
  4. Access personal settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner, under the user image, then turn on Make suggestions.
    Note that new volunteers who have not yet been granted Translator rights will have Make suggestions enabled by default.
  5. For each string type a translation, then save it with the blue button SUGGEST. The string will be recorded under the HISTORY tab. Each string submitted shows name of the author and saving time.

General notes:

  • Rely on Pontoon’s translation resources to ensure consistency and make the translation process faster.
  • If you’re using Firefox, make sure to have a dictionary installed for your language, and that spell checking is enabled in the translation text area.

Phase 2: review suggestions

Translator B

  1. Log in to Pontoon.
  2. Browse to the project.
  3. In filters select Unreviewed, to isolate the strings previously suggested by another translator.
  4. Review the suggested strings.
    • If suggestion is acceptable, confirm it as an approved translation by clicking the green SAVE button or the checkmark icon near the string in the HISTORY tab (it turns green when hovered).
    • If the suggestion is not acceptable:
      • Reject the suggestion by clicking on the cross icon near the string (it turns red when hovered).
      • Switch to Suggest mode. Edit the translation in the editing space and click the blue SUGGEST button. Your version will not overwrite the translator’s work, but instead will appear at the top of the list under the HISTORY tab.

Phase 3: implementing QA

Translator A

  1. In the project, select Unreviewed from the filter search. Then compare your entries with those of your reviewer for changes.
  2. Review the remaining strings:
    • If you agree with the changes, confirm the reviewer’s version by clicking the green SAVE button or the blue circle near the string in the HISTORY tab. If you have not been granted saving privileges yet, simply do nothing and pass to the next one.
    • If you would rather suggest an alternative, type it over, then hit the blue SUGGEST button. Then resubmit it to the reviewer, back in Phase 2, step 4.
    • Reject suggestions that you don’t consider suitable.

Repeat, switching translators, until a consensus is reached.