Documentation for Mozilla localizers

This repository includes several documents describing topics of interest for localizers at Mozilla. If you’re reading these pages on GitHub, a version with improved readability and search capabilities is available here.

Table of contents



How to localize and test Mozilla products:


Web Projects

Other topics

How to contribute to documentation

We use GitHub issues to track missing documentation and updates to existing pages.

In order to contribute, open a pull request in the repository, adding the new file or updating an existing document. Make sure to follow these style guidelines, and note that all pull requests need to be reviewed before merge.

You can run the following commands to make sure that files are correctly formatted (you will need to install npm if it’s not already available):

$ npm install
$ npm test


GitBook is built automatically via Travis, and changes pushed to the gh-pages branch. If you want to build and preview the GitBook locally, install npm and and run the following commands from the root of the repository:

$ npm install
$ npm start

GitBook is used to generate these pages: it’s run automatically via Travis and content pushed to the gh-pages branch.

If you want content to be available in GitBook, make sure to include a link in

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