Guide to promoting Firefox in your language - a community marketing kit

For every community, new or well established, it is always exciting to reach the milestone when the localized Firefox is ready for the first time or a major release. It takes months of translation, testing and QA to get to the finish line. However, the work is not done. Now comes the challenge of promoting the product in your language and sharing it by word of mouth. This guide is created to support a major launch event, not only for a new Firefox launch, it also addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about promoting your localized Firefox and other Mozilla products.



  •! Localize it! The site is having a makeover leading up to the autumn launch of the new Firefox. In addition to the new look and feel, there is a lot of new content, and tone is less formal and more fun. Translate these new pages, you will have all your key messages already.
  • Other marketing messages: Occasionally we come across interesting messages through Mozilla social channels. The l10n drivers will share them through familiar communication channels such as Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter.

Key messages of the new Firefox:

  • Firefox is fast, modern, and fun.
  • Differentiators between Firefox and the competitors.
    • Big vs. small
    • Bloated vs. lean
    • Being watched vs. having more privacy
    • Ads vs. content

Targeted audience - attract, inform and convert

  • Switch English user to target language
  • Conscious choosers - users who are brand loyal
  • New and non-users - users who are new to Firefox
  • High value users - users who choose products and service that represent their values
  • Lapsed users - users who have not used Firefox for a while because of its perceived image and performance

Graphic Assets

Guidelines and downloadable []

With the new logo and the new look, we now have a new brand guideline at a new home. If you have resources to create your own printable file, make sure to read the guideline on the DOs and DONTs and adhere to the guidelines and suggestions closely.


If you do not have resources in tools or talents to create your own images, you can do two things:

  • Check to see if what you need is already available at OpenDesign github repository. We will add more images and templates over time.
  • Click through some of the open and closed issues to see the kind of work the team has covered.
  • If you don’t find what you need or you want to have a customized one, here are the steps:
    • File an issue to the OpenDesign team
    • Specify your need: image, logo, with text, with localized text, your purpose.
    • Specify size and color.
    • State the deadline.
    • The team delivers the finished work to you after a few iterations.

Spreading the words

Here are a few channels to spread the words of the new Firefox launch. The following are mere suggestions. They may or may not be applicable or appropriate for every market.

  • Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, major local brand social media.
  • Community: organize meetup, attend other tech meetups, be a speaker.
  • Organization: team up with other tech non-profit or open source organizations, schools, universities, and libraries to discuss web or tech literacy; bulletin board.
  • Mozilla: Mozillagram will share photos from events. Below is the process to get your photos published:
    • Email request a week in advance to Sierra Read, in charge of social media. Once the community lead is granted access, the person or the group is allowed to take over the account for a few days at a time. During this period, they have direct access and are responsible for posting.
  • Mozilla l10n blog, monthly report.

Guidelines to organizing events

Large events are often difficult to organize, expensive, and less effective at spreading the word. Here are a few things to keep in mind when organizing a local event:

  • To organize an event, reach out to your local Reps. The Reps are experienced in organizing events, especially the logistics.
  • To fund the event, send request to the l10n team in advance. The l10n-drivers will evaluate and potentially set aside a small budget for it.
  • For new locale launch, in addition to the above steps:
    • L10n-drivers will send gear (pens, stickers) to distribute for the events.
    • L10n-drivers will send t-shirts to the community localizers.