Adding a new project to android-l10n

Follow the steps below to add new projects to android-l10n. You will have to coordinate with android-l10n developers and a technical Localization EPM throughout the process.

Setting up the project in source and l10n repositories

Before anything happens, check that the new project is properly localizable by following the directions in this section. Once the new project exists in its corresponding source repo and is properly localizable, it can then be added to the android-l10n repository.

Android developers need to create a TOML file in their code repository and under its corresponding project folder (example for Focus here), as well as as the file containing the source strings in res/values/strings.xml (example with Focus here). The firefox-android repository contains all current android projects.

The TOML file should be pre-populated with a list of locales. When a new project is announced, the mobile PM typically reaches out to localizers on existing communication channels, so they can opt in their locale. If the Android project shares strings with android-components, then you need to first make sure the locale code is already listed under its corresponding TOML file. If not, it will need to be added there as well.

The firefox-android repository currently uses a single workflow (GitHub action) to import strings for all projects from android-l10n. Sync with mobile developers to make sure that the code to import strings for this project has been added.

On the android-l10n repository side, you will need to set up automation to import strings from the code repository. This automation will be responsible for creating all needed files in the repository. You may need to sync up with a technical localization EPM to set this up.

Once automation is in place, it will extract new English strings from the code repository. It should also be possible to invoke automation manually.

Add the project in Pontoon

Once all of this is done and merged, you can now enable the new project in Pontoon. Instructions for adding new projects can be found here.