Renaming a project

You need to think carefully on the name when setting up a new project. This is because when a new project is set up, a corresponding slug is automatically generated. Though rare, sometimes a project needs to be renamed because the product name has changed or for some other reasons. To rename it, go to the project Admin page, update the Name field and click the SAVE PROJECT button. This won't cause any interruption for those in the middle of their work in Pontoon. Do send a communication on the name change to the communities.

A slug is the part of a URL that identifies a page in human-readable keywords. It is usually the end part of the URL. There is no need to change the Slug field to make it match the revised project name. The reasons are:

  • A slug is a unique ID to the project. It doesn’t have to match the project name 100%.
  • Once a slug is claimed, a future project name can’t reuse it, so there is no chance of two projects sharing the same slug.
  • Changing the slug could cause confusion to Pontoon users who bookmarked the project with the old URL. They will run into issue when launching the project through the bookmark. They will find the project in Pontoon eventually but this is an avoidable annoyance.

Never create a new project for the purpose of changing the project name. This would lose all attribution for existing translation, metadata like comments, and unreviewed suggestions.