Removing projects from android-l10n

Follow the steps below to safely remove projects from android-l10n.

Remove import automation from firefox-android

The firefox-android repository currently uses a single workflow (GitHub action) to import strings for all projects from android-l10n. Sync with mobile developers to make sure that the code to import strings for this project has been removed.

Disable the project in Pontoon

In order to disable a project in Pontoon, log in to admin view of the project (e.g. Firefox for Android, Focus for Android, etc.) and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the Disabled checkbox on the left and then Save Project. The project will no longer be shown to localizers and will stop syncing between Pontoon and the GitHub android-l10n repository. This allows safe removal of the project from the repo and avoids any possible conflicts between files.

Remove android-l10n files

  • Remove GitHub actions associated to the project.
  • If available, remove TOML files associated to the project in the root of the repository (e.g. focus.toml for Focus for Android).
  • Remove the entire project folder.