Adding new terms to terminology on Pontoon

To add new terms to Pontoon, access Django’s admin interface at (note that this is not the usual admin interface), then follow the steps below.

Find and click Terms on the navigation pane on the left. Check on the following page to make sure a term does not already exist by searching in the search field near the top.

To add a new term, click ADD TERM +. The next page will have the following fields:

  • Text (required): Term you wish to register.
  • Part of speech (required): Select the part of speech that applies to your term. In some cases the same string can be registered twice with different parts of speech, e.g. bookmark as a noun (“open your bookmarks”) or as a verb (“bookmark this website”).
  • Definition: Meaning of the term, or explanation of what the term is.
  • Usage: Example usage of the term.
  • Notes: Any other notes or context that could be relevant.
  • Case sensitive: Select if the term should only match when case matches.
  • Do not translate: Select if the term should not be translated (example brand names like Firefox).
  • Forbidden: Select if this term should not be used.

Once the necessary information has been filled out, click one of the three save options Save and add another, Save and continue editing, or SAVE to register the term to Pontoon.

This term will automatically populate in the terminology projects for all locales for translation, and will also appear in the TERMS pane of the translation UI when it appears in a string.

Note that only the following fields are displayed in Pontoon as a localization comment for the term: part of speech, definition, usage.