Sending notifications in Pontoon

Pontoon allows you to send in-app notifications to contributors of a specific project. To do so, go to your project dashboard and select the Notifications tab.

Choose recipient teams

First you need to select project teams to send the notification to. You can select them manually or by using one of the available shortcuts:

  • All: all teams translating the project.
  • Complete: teams with all strings translated in the project.
  • Incomplete: teams that have untranslated strings in the project.

All project contributors from selected teams will receive the notification.

You need to select at least one team.

Enter notification message

Next, enter the message you’d like to send. You can use HTML tags. Try to be concise and use HTML wisely.


To send the notification, simply click the Send button and wait for the confirmation message to appear. It might take a moment. Once notifications are sent, you’ll be redirected to the Sent notifications panel.