Firefox localization copy guide

This document is intended to facilitate the creation and localization of copy, and to support optimal preparation and consistency. This is a living document and it reflects our current state. As our brand expression continues to evolve, we’ll make updates to this doc.

Why is this guide important for the localization of Firefox marketing copy?

This guide is intended to help you better understand Firefox as a brand to get a better sense of how to approach translating in your language. In addition, we’ll share fixed, company-specific word choices and spelling to facilitate the localization process.

Our copy should not be translated literally one to one, but should reflect our brand personality and tone and be optimized for the appropriate cultural and linguistic perspective. The emotional and figurative intention of the source text should be adapted for the target language.

About Firefox — Who we are

Firefox is more than just the browser. Firefox is a challenger brand that challenges the status quo and advocates for users’ online rights.

In everything we do, we put the rights and needs of users first. And as a tech company, we always put people before profit.

Firefox as a brand combines the Firefox ethos and our related products.

(Mozilla is the not-for-profit organization behind Firefox.)

Brand promise:

Firefox fights for you

What are we fighting for:

Firefox fights for our users by creating products that give people control and agency over their online lives.


Personality and tonality

Who are we talking to?

We describe our target audience as Conscious Choosers. This refers to people who make or want to make conscious decisions, online and offline.

Conscious Choosers:

  • Develop preferences and make consumer choices carefully and consciously
  • Strive to reconcile their actions with their values and ideals
  • Are demanding customers
  • Often do their own research to fully understand all options

Within Conscious Choosers there are two groups that we try to speak to specifically. Caring Confidentials and Adventurous Amplifiers.

Caring Confidentials:

  • Most likely to already be Firefox users
  • Prioritize privacy, and are willing to spend money to ensure their digital safety
  • Believe that the internet has a responsibility to protect its citizens

Adventurous Amplifiers:

  • Trend followers and trend setters
  • Want their friends and followers to witness the good choices they are making
  • Strive to influence their community to make thoughtful choices as well

Our Brand Attributes and the Firefox Brand Personality

AttributeFirefox Brand Personality
OpinionatedFirefox acts out of conviction and takes clear positions with confidence.

Our products show that our motivation derives from our brand vision. Our brand ethos is at the root of everything we do. And that’s what we want to communicate to our users and partners.
OpenFirefox thinks that the internet should be open, accessible and safe for everyone.

We strive for open conversation and collaboration. We are: Open minded. Open-hearted. Open source. A global perspective is an integral part of our brand. We speak many languages and try to take different perspectives.
KindFirefox anticipates needs, offering solutions and alternatives where users’ freedom and rights are threatened or abused.

We want the best for our users and the world, so we lead by example. We develop better products, we start dialogues, we work openly and with others, we educate ourselves and others, and we inform our users. In doing so, we act empathically toward all people.
RadicalFirefox questions the status quo and common practices of tech giants and struggles and takes bold steps towards a better internet.

Looking optimistically into the future of the internet is a radical act. Putting users’ needs before our own is just as radical. We challenge the status quo because we think it’s the right thing to do.

The Firefox Brand Personality is defined by the interaction of these attributes. Depending on the context, an attribute may be more prominent or less prominent.

Firefox Personality Matrix


Our tone of voice and language choices are:

Direct, clear, easy to understandWe want users to feel welcome, and we use words and concepts that everyone understands.
ConciseWe like short headlines, phrases and clear calls-to-action. We try to avoid complicated sentence structure or sentences without added value.
AuthenticOur copy — like our products — is made by humans for humans. We talk to our users as equals and use natural language.
NaturalWe write in active voice and use passive voice sparingly. Avoid nominal style. We prefer two short sentences to one long one.
RespectfulBe respectful without sounding too formal.
HumorousBe fun without becoming too flippant or cheesy.
RelevantWe meet our users where they are. They should be able to quickly grasp our content and feel a personal connection. Cultural allusions must make sense and fit the market rather than be literally translated without appropriate cultural context.
Optimistic and motivatingWe believe in a positive future for the internet. Although we sometimes talk about things that are not going so well, we prefer to take a positive outlook.
CreativeWhile information and clarity come first, we like to use creative and interesting language in our copy. We never want to sound bland and boring. We try to avoid marketing stereotypes.

Glossary of term / Recurring terms (WORK IN PROGRESS)

In case of uncertainties, the transvision search can also be consulted. However, as the search often shows older versions of translations in the result list (often with the formal address), this tool serves as a guide.